Muses of the Month

Muses of the Month

I am passionate about helping young people find their ambition and to make sure that gets developed. I get involved in mentoring young people and speak at schools on many occasions. I find it really inspiring personally to see the differences that can be made to young children who desperately need a variety of role models to help them find their passions and succeed.

Sam Smith.

Sam attended Bristol University and earned her degree in Economics. Although Sam admits to not liking primary school, she enjoyed sixth form as she started to find some confidence and subjects she liked. Her interest in economics was sparked when she studied it at A level.

Sam admits that if she were to start her career again, she would work on herself confidence and keep practicing presentations and public speaking. She feels these skills are so valuable.

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I would be more confident at a younger age in articulating my ideas, of which I had many and ensuring they were incorporated as part of recommended solutions. I think I would have had more chance of achieving this if I had had a mentor, someone of experience who would have been able to offer advice and insights into how to get these things done.

Audrey Bampoe

When asked ‘What would you do differently if you started your career again’, Audrey said ‘In retrospect I think during my career I would have asked way more questions. I would have spoken up more, I had many ideas but did always share them.’

Audrey feels she developed her skills but taking courses in communication, presentation and problem solving. Her degree in Computing and It, helped her develop analytic and management skills.

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You get out as much as you put in. Go above and beyond other’s expectations and your own and you will have a much more fulfilling experience at school and work. Opportunities compound. Holly Boothroyd

When asked how Holly developed her skills she said ‘moving to the UK and doing a placement year was the best decision I could have made. I easily had over 15 months experience working professionally before I graduated. This also helped develop my passion for computer science, plus made my final year of university easier.’

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