Led by girls


We are led by girls and groups of Ambassadors, 13-18, promote Modern Muse in their schools. 

Their objective is to encourage as many girls as possible to sign up to Modern Muse.

Some Ambassadors are also our journalists and they attend events, interview Muses and write blogs for our website.

What is the role?

Ambassadors sign up for a year and carry out at least three promotional events/activities during that time.

They choose their activities and get approval from their sponsor teacher. 

Activity has included, creating promotional flyers and speaking in class or assembly.

"We worked on our confidence, teamwork, public speaking and body language.

Multiple schools took part and we all got to mix, make new friends and learn how to network.

We discussed our role models and our aspirations for the future... and much fun was had."

Ambassador, Wapping High School London.

How do we help?

Ambassadors follow a structured business process to plan, deliver and report their activity.

We provide guidance and workshops to support them during the process.

Throughout the process they learn career-enhancing skills which will support them to be future leaders. Skills include: 
-Presentation and Communication
-Project Management

Student sitting on sofa working
Two students with Microsoft devices.

What's the commitment?

4-6 Ambassadors, per school, sign up for a year. Each school has a sponsor teacher.

They register on the website and run at least three activities/events in the year. 

For each activity they submit a plan and post-activity report.

Contact us to get involved at [email protected]