Our website

Our website connects girls with hundreds of successful female role models in lots of different jobs. They are called Muses and they share their career and education stories. Via Modern Muse girls explore different career options, get advice from Muses and learn about many of the companies they work for. 
Find out how to use our website and explore the different Muse profiles here.

 Our mission

To eradicate the gender pay gap in the workplace by empowering girls to lead in the UK’s top industries.

Our purpose

Despite girls outperforming boys in education, many women end up in lower-skilled, lower-paid jobs and women account for a low percentage when it comes to senior-roles and leadership positions.

These are two factors that contribute to the gender pay gap.

 Modern Muse is committed to finding effective solutions and tackles the gender pay gap at a grass roots level.

We do this by unlocking ambitious career pathways for girls (aged 13+) at a crucial point in their education and supporting them to excel in the UK’s top industries.

Unique approach – led by girls

We keep our audience at the heart of all we do and being girl-led is inherent to our culture.

Since our launch as a charity in March 2017, we have worked with girls, teachers, volunteers and partners to develop a proposition that will drive real-change.  


We inspire girls by connecting them with hundreds of female role models (Muses) who share their career and education stories, and many of the companies they work for, via an online portal.

Many Muses work in STEM related roles.

Girls aged 13-18 promote Modern Muse in their schools and take part in our Girl Leadership Programme. 

The programme supports them to  build important career enhancing skills including: teamwork, leadership, communication and networking.

Our Alumni Network will give previous Youth Ambassadors access to, a strong network and  resources to support their leadership development.

Our founders

Gender diversity is something we know about.

Modern Muse was founded by Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE who are the founders of everywoman – a company that’s all about the advancement of women in business.