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International Women's Day & D&I Day

I hope you all had a very Happy International Women's Day and created lots of pledges. We celebrated this in the UK as part of our UK Diversity & Inclusion Event which wa* **tremely successful and we saw over 80 employees turn up throughout the day.
We started the day by a very fun ice breaker exercise on diversity and then carried on the fun with a very competitive quiz on Diversity & Inclusion. I wa* **tremely shocked but proud at how well the teams did. The winning team scored an amazing 18/20 and none of the other teams scored below 14 which is fantastic. The UK employees clearly know their stuff when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion!!!
We then spent some time taking about the Gender Pay Gap at T-Systems and had some really lively, open and honest discussions which I thank you all for your contribution it really made the day that we were able to share our views and thoughts so freely.
We had an amazing lunch which was Mexican themed as you can see from a few of the photos and I hope everyone truly enjoyed it as I really did although feeling a little full it was delicious. After lunch we welcome Kieron O'Reilly from ENEi (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) who provided us with some great case studies and was able to give us a small peek into the world of some of the other Companies he is working with (See more) *** *** also preparing to publish their Gender Pay Gap results.
Finally we finished the day with a very interactive exercise where we had groups of employees working on pulling together ideas, initiatives and their thoughts on how we could close the Gender Pat Gap here at T-Systems, focusing on various different themes. Its fair to say we now have enough material for our 2 year plan with a number of volunteers of employees wanting to get involved which is so exciting.
So to sum up it was a fantastic day with lots of energy, open and honest conversations and very thought provoking, I left feeling like we had achieved an awful lot in one day and had an awful lot more to do over the next 2 years but with a great sense of collaboration, team work and commitment.
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