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The Credit Suisse Modern Muse program

The Credit Suisse Modern Muse program, in parthership with the Credit Suisse European Womens Network and IT womens Champions provided a week long work experience from 15th to 19th Jul. The event was extended to 30 girls both internal and external candidates from diverse backgrounds and ages ranging from 15 to 17. The girls were invited into the Credit Suisse office to obtain a more detailed understanding of what a career in a financial institution would actually consist of.

The schedule included insights into the roles supporting the life cycle of a trade, the extensive diversity and inclusion network's available, campus recruitment, Donna presenting more about the Modern Muse program, as well as 'on the job' activities within technology and more.

The students were tasked with presenting, in teams, what they had learnt during the week in the large auditorium, a daunting task even for the seasoned presenter. The presentations were outstanding, the students were confident, articulate and creative which demonstrated not only the retention of what they had leant but also their clear understanding.

The students also actively embraced the concept and importance of networking, a theme which persisted throughout the week.

The success of the event was attributed to over 40 Credit Suisse Volunteers who gave up their time in support of encouraging, inspiring and motivating the next generation female business leaders, entrepeneurs and FTSE 100 CEOs.

Thanks to all of the volunteers involved.

And a huge thanks to all of the students who (See more) put in so much into this event and got so much out. Well done

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