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Women of all ages and stages of their careers, from a variety of social and educational backgrounds, who work across business and society become Muses. Muses all have one thing in common, they’re passionate about their work and want to inspire the next generation. Their Modern Muse profiles highlight their job responsibilities, career paths and the subjects they have studied. They also share their day-to-day work-life and answer questions about their careers. Modern Muse provides time-efficient, bite-sized volunteering with a significant impact.

Muses are driving social change and at the same time they:

  • Become more informed and remain connected with the younger generation who could be future employees or colleagues
  • Give back and get personal fulfilment by sharing knowledge, insights, and experience
  • Elevate their personal profiles, in and out of their organisations

Build a legacy, demonstrate your trust and belief in the next generation of women. Tell your career story to girls that may never get the chance to meet you. Be the social change you want to see in the world.

Image of the 2 Founders working.


Companies have a page where they explain what their organisation does, its vision, culture, diversity initiatives and the variety of career options and opportunities available, including apprenticeships and graduate schemes. Muses are linked to the company page, highlighting a commitment to gender diversity and the diverse roles available to women in their organisation.

By becoming a Modern Muse Partner and supporting the Modern Muse campaign, you’ll also:

  • Publicly demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to celebrating, nurturing, and developing female talent
  • Gain insight into the next generation of talent – potential future employees can ask you questions
  • Promote the breadth of opportunities available in your organisation, raising awareness globally to support your recruitment pipeline

Engage your employees to be part of the inspirational force that drives social change, closes the gender gap, and reaches girls before they make higher education or career choices.