Most frequent questions and answers

In most countries, there’s a gender pay gap which means that on average women earn less than men.

There are lots of reasons why including 1-there are fewer women in some of the better-paid jobs and sectors, and 2-there are very few women in leadership jobs.

Girls have told us time and time again, that often these jobs are not on their radars because there aren’t enough female role models.

Our Muses are amazing role models. Many of them work in areas where there are few women, for example, technology and engineering, and quite a few have leadership positions.

We want to make sure girls everywhere, can see what they can be in their future careers, have all the information they need to make informed career decisions and aim high..

Yes, please do, we think it’s important for everyone to learn about the variety of jobs women do.

This is an inclusive platform so boys and male teachers, and parents can all sign up too!

Male champions, including students, are key to driving much-needed change, we need to work together to close the gender pay gap.

Modern Muse is aimed at all students who are looking for career inspiration and access to job opportunities, including graduate-schemes and apprenticeships.
If you are below 13 years old, your parent, teacher or legal guardian needs to agree to our terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy on your behalf.

You’ll discover jobs you didn’t know existed, and if you have a career in mind you can ask successful women what it takes to get there and get advice from them.

You can also ask companies about job opportunities and what they offer young people.

You can ask our Muses and many of the companies they work for, for career advice via their social feed if you register the website.

You can ask Muses questions via their Social Feed, we protect your anonymity as all they will see is your first name.
According to our terms and conditions, you must never share your contact details or connect directly.

We’ll be hosting events for our Youth Ambassador in the future.

These events will support our Ambassadors to develop career-enhancing skills and learn the art of networking, with each other, our corporate partners and their Muses.

The events will also support Youth Ambassadors to carry out their Modern Muse activity in their schools

Modern Muse is funded by our partners, they do this because they want their companies to have a balance of men and women in all roles.
This means that Modern Muse is free for Students, Parents, Guardians and Teachers.

If you are over 13 you can sign up here

If you are below 13 years old, your parent, teacher or legal guardian needs to agree to our terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy on your behalf.

Our ethos is that we’re led by girls for girls (but importantly we also have boys involved too).
We keep girls at the heart of everything we do.
Our board of young women under 25, steer the direction of the website, our programmes and social media.
We have Youth Ambassadors in schools who are the voice of Modern Muse.
Modern Muse strives to be collaborative, educational, friendly, innovative, professional, progressive and supportive.

Muses can tell you about their jobs and share advice about what it takes to get a job like theirs, so you can prepare for your future!