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Alba Suarez Zapico
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Experience Designer Freelance (London)Alba Suarez Zapico
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Design Intern in SEAT Design Exterior Components (Barcelona)

I was designing exterior components of cars, like rims, lamps... I also did a project on the side that experimented with light in a more conceptual way. I created lots of sculptures as part of the development.

Design Intern in Ulrike Schulz Lamp Design (Hamburg)

I was making and experimenting with my hands in making lamps, the design of it and the manufacture.

Graphic Design Intern in Greta Gold (Hamburg)

I designed graphics for a brand of vintage candy as well as products with a specific vintage aesthetic.

Stage Design Intern in Raimond Bauer (Hamburg)

I jumped into making tiny scale models that help designing stages and scenography for operas and theatre performance across Germany and Austria.

Packaging Design Intern in PacProject (Hamburg)

I was designing (by sketching, modelling and prototyping) packaging and products in this agency which worked with companies like P&G, Unilever, Mars, Nestle...

Designer in PacProject (Hamburg)

Kept doing the same as when I was an intern but with more responsibilities. :)

Concept Designer in LEGO Girls Front End (Billund, Denmark)

I was designing future concepts of worlds, characters and new play experiences for girls to play with.

Designer in LEGO Creative Play Lab (Billund, Denmark)

Designer of play experiences and innovative products for different targets (like families, younger kids and girls) in collaboration with people who looked into the business side and the how will it be made.

Career Break

I went travel for a while with my boyfriend. It was our first time in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). Then we crossed the Atlantic and went to California, New Orleans and Mexico. 😀
I learnt A LOT during those months.

Experience Designer Freelance (London)
Alba Suarez Zapico

Now I'm based in London and I do research and user experience design.

Probably designing at LEGO.
The company is so big and there is always room for learning. On top of it designing play experiences is really cool. Big companies also have lots of talents and I got to meet very interesting people.
Designing experience for people that is not like you (like for kids or old people) also means you need to think really hard and get to know who are you designing for and I love that part.

Hi I'm Alba, experience designer based in London. 
I love to experiment with materials and see what comes out of it. It is almost meditative I don't think much, I just go for it. Sometimes the outcome happens to be a story or a character, in other occasions a useful object comes out of it. 🙂

Experimenting without expectations has given me some confidence and helped me facing problems without expecting a solution but going with an open mind into understanding what's going on. 

Like many other people I love to travel and get to know other cultures and their particular way of living. That gives you a bigger perspective on how different and yet similar we all are and also helps you understand others when designing new products.

This is the site where I upload some of the stuff I do:

I'm also in Instagram as @albayelmono. 🙂

English, Spanish
Creative arts and design

Expose yourself to new things, you'll learn lots of skills without noticing it that will help you in the future.
Don't be afraid of failing, you'll always regret it if you don't try, trust me.
Embrace collaboration, ask others for help. Things can be solved easier and better when not just a pair of eyes are looking into the same problem. Besides, you have more fun!

Design, arts and crafts
My Education
Engineer in Industrial Design
Universidad de la Coruña
Ferrol, Spain
Design and technology, English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Media technology, Music , Philosophy, Spanish

I liked a mix of things, like the Spanish language lessons, Psychology and Philosophy but also the technical subjects like technical drawing and some parts of maths and Physics but not all.
I kind of disliked how hard some parts of Maths and Physics could get, I wasn't able to understand parts of it and that frustrated me. I also hated when I had to remember things by heart, I'm really not good at memorising dates but I love History...

More about me

Empathy: To be able to understand others and put yourself in their own shoes.
Critical thinking: to be able to ask yourself and others questions.
Problem resolution: to be able to solve things using all you know (researching when you don't know it) and come up with solutions that can help out.
Creativity: to be able to access all that knowledge and use it in a different way!
Communication: to be able to share your ideas with others so they can help you developing what you need.
Teamwork: it is SO important to be able to work with others and create things together.
Quick prototyping: to show your ideas and to be able to test those concepts with users to be able to much faster develop things and not just talk about it.
Leadership: to be able to help your team and guide people in a project keeping up the motivation.

I wanted to be like Leonardo da Vinci. Some sort of inventor/artist. It kind of translated into wanting to be either an architect or an illustrator. I didn't know much about design back then.

Not much really. I probably had study some sort of master on top of my current education just so I had time to keep exploring for a while instead of working right after my degree.
I learnt though that most of the stuff you do in life, (if you are doing it because you are interested in it) will at some help you in your professional career, 100% sure. :)

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