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Audrey Bampoe
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IT Architect/Data EngineerCredit Suisse
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Bank Clerk, National Westminster Bank

I had a various number of roles, from processing cheques, customer services, to head cashier. This was my foundation job. It provided valued training in the world of work, ethics and customer service

Settlements Clerk, JP Morgan

This was my 1st job within the investment banking industry, it was a good learning opportunity as the role and the working environment was very different from retail banking. I was able to obtain a good understanding of trade lifecycles and the essential processes which is essential to support this. I learnt that teamwork was the key to success. I was able to move around within the organisation and had exposure to front office trading desks, product control and trade settlements.


I took a break to work in an orphanage in Ghana West Africa. This was an amazing experience which provided me with a different perspective on life, even until today. The importance of taking time to help those in need, not only a benefit to them, but to me also.

IT Architect/Data Engineer
Credit Suisse

Arriving at Credit Suisse with investment banking experience was a good move. I was able to join the settlements team and continue to learn new insight into IB and new skills. I have had a number of different roles, worked in a number of different teams within CS and a opportunities to spend some time in New York and Poland on business. I have progressed, at this point to VP level within IT and continue to pursue a career within the organisation.

My favourite job depends on what you regard as a job. I love motivating and inspiring next generation, including my daughter. I take a lot of inspiration and learn a lot from that. I run and participate in a number of workshop with girls as part of a volunteering role at Credit Suisse.
Work wise, I enjoy my current role designing data architecture within IT. The role allows me to be creative, influential and communicative. It also offers me continued learning opportunities as new requirements are introduced there are additional challenges I have to overcome by recommending the best way for it all to fit together.

Information technology IT / ICT

I would be more confident at a younger age in articulating my ideas, of which I had many and ensuring they were incorporated as part of recommended solutions. I think I would have had more chance of achieving this if I had had a mentor, someone of experience who would have been able to offer advice and insights into how to get these things done.

My Education
Computing and IT BSc Hons
Open University Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Business Studies
Stratford Comprehensive
More about me

Communication - need to be able to clearly articulate my ideas and thought process
Problem solving - faced with many problems from many impacted teams and I need to be able to provide solutions
Analytical thinking - having a clear thought process helps with the problem solving

Mentors and those that I can see operating at the level that I aspire to has helped me develop a number of skills.
I have taken courses in communication, presentation and problem solving skills over the years.
My degree really help with the development of analytical and project management skills.

When I was little, around 7 I’d say, mum said that I walked into a retail bank with her and declared “I want to do that job”…

In retrospect I think during my career I would have asked way more questions.
I would have spoken up more, I had many ideas but did always share them.

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