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Audrey Caspar
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Senior Product TechnologistUnilever
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Formulation Technician at SunChemical

Measurement of physical properties or inks

Polymer Chemist at Scoot Bader

Development of polyester and polyurethane resins used to build composites.

Product Technologist at Unilever

Research on Chocolate and Vanilla flavors

Senior Product Technologist

I am Technical project leader at Unilever. I work with my marketing colleague to develop successful ice creams, from concept to production.

My current role is definitely my favorite one. It's a senior role where I own my project, and fully lead them. I can be creative, and I love seeing my products in the supermarket.

I graduated in France from a Masters in Chemistry. Now, I am Technical Project Leader in the Food industry, I am married with 2 kids. 

My friends thought I was crazy when I applied for a job to work on ice cream and vanilla. They said " but you don't know anything about it !" Yes, but I am a scientist, I can learn. And I got the job, and I learned quickly.


English, French
Food Industry

To any girls that needs advice, I would say, go get it. Don't worry about " not being good enough", as far as you are concerned, you can do everything, YES ! 

Don't wait to get a role that you deserve. Deserve has nothing to do with it. 

My Education
Masters in Chemistry
Lyon, France
Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical science
Lycée Raynouard ( France)

I was never very good at physics. That's where I had the worse marks in my life ! This is something I don't need at all now.

More about me

My job is actually fast paced. If someone asks you to do something, it means that it needs to be done NOW. So you need to be able to drop everything else to do it. It's important to be good at time management and project management.

First identify your strength and use them plenty. For me it was time efficiency, and delivering results.
After that, identify your weakness, and don't ignore them. For me, it was self confidence. Being an STEM Ambassador helped for that.

I have always been into science, mathematics, and creativity. I wanted to be an architect at some point. I chose Chemistry because I wanted to work on environmental issues. The Chemical industry was a disappointment, so I turned to my number one passion, food.

I guess I could say that I would have liked to study Food Science at University instead of Chemistry, but at the end of the day, I am happy with where I am now, so I would not change anything.

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