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Jane Scott
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Transition and Transformation ManagerT-Systems
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Customer Services Manager

Responsible for customer service for people wanting to contact the council about housing benefit or council tax. I managed a contact centre, visitor centre and cashiers office for a local authority.

Transformation Programme Manager

Responsible for lots of different assignments starting from business analysis to project management.

Programme Director

Led large IT Programmes.

Programme Director

Managed transition of a number of services from external organisations into Sopra Steria. Managed outsourced IT services contracts.

Transition and Transformation Manager

I manage large IT Programmes I support bids for new work and deliver new work and transformation programmes for T--Systems clients.

Information technology IT / ICT

Do what you love - you spend a lot of time at work so follow your dream to do what you really want to... don't settle for less or do something else just because it might earn you more! Focus on building generic, transferable skills if you don't have a clear line of sight about what you want to do in your career. Don't think you can't be good at something just because you did not study it at school or university. Keep an open mind - there is always something positive and always something you can learn from any job - even if its that its not for you - I learned loads about people and teamwork from part-time jobs in supermarkets and bars before I got my first full-time job and those early experiences have stayed with me and have benefited me through my whole career in many different ways."

My Education
Masters in Business Administration
Open University
Geography, Physics, Economics
Tideway Comprehensive School

I had inspiring teachers - also learned about philosophy of science in physics - lots of insights into how innovation happens! I wish I had done Maths alongside A Level Physics

More about me

I need to be organised, pragmatic and good at motivating people as well as good at negotiating and communicating.

Lots of Project Management courses, on the job learning - I have learned best by working for and alongside others who are already really good at their job.

Gosh...I can't remember. Pretty sure it wasn't what I am doing now! I had a passion for improving customer service initially which led to an interest in how IT could help.

A Level Maths with A Level Physics instead of Economics because there is a lot of overlap and Physics is harder without doing the maths.

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