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Jemma Robinson
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Programme ManagerSanctuary Group
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Party Organiser

Bowling parties were my thing! Lots of screaming children to try and coerce to throw a bowling ball down a slippery lane and knock over pins.

Catering and Events

I learnt the meaning of hard work, 12 - 16hr days and 7 day weeks. My first taste of managing teams and events for the catering business I worked for.

Career break

Travelling - an experience I will never forget. Meeting people in different countries across the world, sharing experiences together, overcoming issues and spending a lot of money!

Administration Manager

While working full time in this position, I also completed my Masters in Forensic Psychology. I learnt to prioritise and plan my work accordingly. The importance of managing expectations was another key skill I obtained here. I also realised I could just about cope with a limited social life!

Care Home Manager

Wow, what a job. I loved the variety - caring for people, accounts, marketing, PR, leadership and management, inspections and audits to name but a few. A fantastically rewarding job, but at the same time an incredibly pressured job. I gained a lot of experience in this job due to the vast trials and tribulations I encountered.

Career break

To start a family and get wed!

Business Change Manager

To prepare the care business for a huge technology change, I successfully planned the roll out of a nationwide programme. Brand awareness played a big part of this, but the key was that I had lived and breathed care homes for 6 years. I knew what I would of needed as a Home Manager to ensure the success of the change and built that into my plan.

Programme Manager
Sanctuary Group

I lead a team and suite of technology programmes to transform the way the Sanctuary Care works, improving outcomes for both our residents and staff.

I am very fortunate to have loved all of my positions, even my first ever job organising children's bowling parties. My Programme Manager Position I see as having the most longevity for me compared to previous jobs and I absolutely love almost everything about it.

Hi! I am Jemma, a professional working woman, a mum and wife. I am privileged to work as a Programme Manager, where I enjoy coming to work every day and having the opportunity to positively impact on peoples lives. I thrive when I am busy and have lots to do, I enjoy being able to make decisions and I am passionate about leading a team.

When I younger my impression of technology was the Playstation and the games my brother used to play. I now realise technology solutions appear in so many forms from robots to coffee machines and mobile phones to life saving equipment. I want to be involved in a career with technology because I want to play a part in shaping our future.


On one particular training course we discussed crucible moments, these are moments in our careers that set us up for the rest of our lives. Think about this, it really makes a difference once you realise what that moment is!

Another insight - don't put too much pressure on yourself to find the job for life. At the ripe old age of 32 I finally realised the thread through all of my jobs was change and this is what I am both passionate about and best at.

My Education
Masters in Forensic Psychology
Coventry University
Bsc Forensic Psychology
Teeside University
Middlesbrough, Teeside
Biology, English Literature, Geography, Economics, General studies
Alice Ottley

I loved studying and learning, to this day I still learn something new every day. I have also met some amazing people throughout my education who will be friends for life, including my husband! I’ve got to say I genuinely enjoyed the majority of it.

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