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JIll Pringle
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Director and FounderFocused Propositions
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Box Office Sales Assistant Sheffield Theatres

Selling tickets in person or over the phone for theatre shows and snooker!

Sales & Marketing Assistant then Manager Philharmonia Orchestra

Delivering the marketing to drive ticket sales for concerts in London, Bedford and Leicester, and managing the team who processed the ticket bookings and friends' memberships. My first management job here after 2 years learning the ropes as the assistant.

Product Manager at Thomson Directories Database

Developing a CD Rom and Internet data search portal, to help small businesses market their business to other businesses.

Head of Marketing at Thomson Local

Leading all marketing campaigns on TV, Radio, Outdoor Posters, Email marketing and sales aids. I built and managed a team of 10 people!

Product & Marketing Director at Thomson Local

Responsible for the brand, all the products, the marketing campaigns and training sales people how to sell them to small businesses. Ran a partnership with Nectar. Reported to the CEO - my first board level role and managed 35 people.

Head of B2B Marketing Equifax

Built a team of 8 people to deliver brand refresh, events, PR, sales training and internal communications for the UK part of a Global organisation.

Chief Marketing Officer SCM World/ Gartner

On the leadership team, building a new value proposition to tell the story of how important supply chain is, and getting Global Chief Supply Chain Officers for big brands like Nike, Burberry or Kimberley Clark to join our community.

Director and Founder
Focused Propositions

Brand Marketing Consultant running my own business. I help businesses define why they're different, tell their story and align all their marketing to that story.

I was born in Sheffield and studied music at University.  I still sing with choirs and I like the fact that music is partly creative and partly analytical.  I fell into marketing for an orchestra and then went back to Uni to study Marketing more formerly when I was 28.  

I think good marketing is about focusing your message to attract specific people who have specific needs - not trying to talk about everything and please everyone.

I've done well in my career by working hard, listening to feedback (especially the stuff I didn't like to hear!) and focusing teams on clear goals so they can achieve.

I like to sing and swim and I do some walking to raise the profile of a charity that supports people who were born with hip displaysia - like me.


Marketing, advertising and public relations PR

Not everyone you meet will like you and that's OK. It's good to try some different things to find what you're really good at and also what really excites you. When you've decided to do something, you might as well try your best to do it well - it takes the same amount of time and you'll feel and do better for it!

My Education
BA Music & Linguistics
Lancaster University
Lancaster, UK
MA Marketing
Kingston University Business School
Kingston upon Thames, UK
Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French, German, Mathematics, Music, Metalworking, Woodworking
ashleigh school sheffield
silverdale school sheffield

I really loved learning new things and I was good at exams, so I actually really liked school. I wish I'd studied more economics or modern history - I found them boring at the time but they would have been really helpful general knowledge as I progressed in business.

More about me

Analytical thinking - need to be able to take information from lots of places and see connections in that.

Presentation skills - need to be able to convey and sell ideas, visually, verbally and in writing.

Eye for detail - need to work with designers or product developers and make sure it all adds up to one clear image without lots of mistakes.

Able to relate to different people - you need to be able to lead and interact with people who have very different styles and skills from you, and harness those skills to achieve a common goal.

Team events are good for communication - things like music helped me so much - you have a learn to play your own role as everyone else is relying on you, but also to listen to the whole sound and blend in. Even when you're leading it's rarely just about you!

I wanted to be a music teacher. I then did a year of work experience in a primary school and realised that I liked things to be quite neat and organised and that's not what 5 year olds do!!!

I would study broader subjects like economics, politics - that would help me understand the world we live and work in more. I would have done more work to understand my own style sooner - so I could relate to a wider set of people earlier in my career.

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