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Jo Wimble-Groves
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Award Winning Tech Entreprenuer, Blogger & Speaker Active Digital
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Award Winning Tech Entreprenuer, Blogger, Writer & Speaker

Co-owner of global award winning mobile tech company, Active Digital.which she co-owns with her brother. They have been running the company together for over twenty years ago since they were both teenagers. A real 'schoolroom to boardroom' story. I am also an inspiring speaker, award winning writer and blogger with a large social following of over 50,000.

Award Winning Tech Entreprenuer, Blogger & Speaker
Active Digital

Active Digital, a multi-award-winning business mobile and applications company, providing mobile, fixed services, apps and digital products to UK businesses. Our clients include Birdseye, Saracens Rugby and Crew Clothing to name a few.

I'm still doing the same job I love in my own company since I was sixteen!

Asides from co-running the tech company, I am a motivational speaker and an expert in women in leadership. 

I am an award winning writer, sharing my views, which have been featured in The Guardian, Training Journal, Changeboard, InStyle UK magazine, on The BBC and on Sky News.

In 2010, Jo was selected in Management Today's '35 under 35' as featured in The Sunday Times. She then went on to win three Women in Business awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In recent months, I was championed in the prestigious We Are The City 'Top 200 Women in Tech'. 

In 2016, I started blogging under the name 'Guilty Mother' about mum guilt to open up a variety of conversations around parenting, work life balance and how we build resilience into our children. The award winning blog is now enjoyed by 55,000 followers across the globe. 

I am a registered school speaker, going into schools, colleges and universities to deliver my talk to students about building their future (and here's the trick - you don't always have to be an 'A' grade student to be a successful entrepreneur).  I felt an overwhelming need to give back and share my story with others, so they could take something from what I had learnt. 

I am happiest on the stage when delivering a keynote either to business or to students on entrepreneurship, women in business and what it takes to be a woman in tech. 

​I am writing writing my first book called 'How to Raise a Modern Girl' due to be published in late 2020.

Information technology IT / ICT

We are all born with a unique set of skills or talents. However, when the pressures build to be good at everything, we forget to focus on the parts we are naturally really good at. Leverage your skills to your best advantage as it will help you to thrive. Never forget to simply believe in yourself and turn those passions into possibilities.

Technology, computers and programming
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Loved drama and English . Was always on the stage! Disliked chemistry!

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Being a woman in tech, I need to have a number of skills, including excellent inter-personal skills, good communication and presenting skills, allowing me to pitch and present to my clients. Customers like to do business with people that they like, so showing your true, authentic self is an important part of being a business leader and for building multi-million pound customer centric community. Listen more than you speak is an important piece of advice I was once given, which my nan said is why we have two ears and only one mouth! I always take the time to listen to my customers and my employees, taking in all their comments before issuing my own views.

As I left school at sixteen to go straight into starting a company, my brother and I are both self taught. It has taken almost two decades of experience for us to both become excellent company Directors and leaders in our own right, but we have made plenty of mistakes along the way (which is all part of the journey).

I always only ever wanted to be on the stage and now I am a speaker, some of my favourite days are spent speaking to a room full of 250 women and girls on to share my story from schoolroom to boardroom. I love it!

As a teenager, I doubted my own abilities, despite coming across as very confident in person. I often took criticism to heart and wasn't quite sure how to focus on the core skills I had embedded inside of me. But now, I have learnt to love the person I am, my skills and embrace my flaws at the same time. I have won so many awards and accreditations, I should never have doubted myself or my abilities in the first place! The future is whatever you want it to be...

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