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Joanna Tarnowska
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Management Consultant, Human Capital Management ConsultingDeloitte
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HR Systems Analyst, Investment Bank

I started off in an HR Systems department working at the crossroads of HR & IT. My main responsibilities were to do with gathering business requirements and converting them into system requirements- something that IT could build.

Various related HR Apps roles
Management Consultant, Human Capital Management Consulting

I work to advise clients who choose to transform the way their Human Resources department works (think about the process to hire a person and making it simpler), as well as how the technology that supports this process operates (think about submitting an application online- we help design those steps and build systems!).


I'm Joanna and I work for one of the Big 4 consultancies in Human Capital Management. I have been doing this job for 4 years (and clocked a lot of airmiles doing so!), and before that I have worked with HR applications (more HR, less IT than it seems!).

In my spare time I enjoy the usual things like spending time with my friends or doing yoga. I also try to travel as much as I can and see places I haven't been to before.

You can see me on the streets of London cycling on my bike with a coffee cup in hand :).

English, Polish
Business, consulting and management

Don't be afraid to try a few things out, and make bold choices. Ultimately you spend 8+ hrs a day working, so do something you enjoy!

My Education
BBA(Hons) Human Resource Management
University of Liverpool
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Art, Classics, English Language, History, Mathematics
VI LO Krakow, Poland

Completing High School in Poland means that I carried 13 subjects throughout 3 years... this included some that I was less fond of such as maths! Looking back at it, I'm glad I stuck it out since it gave me a rounded view of all areas.

More about me

I spend majority of my time working with clients so good people skills are a must. This included understanding people's motivations- those obvious as well as those less so. Clear communication and patience are also key in being able to develop trust with the client. Good analytical skills and being able to connect A & B are helpful.

It took me a while to overcome the imposter syndrome and believe 'I got this'. I was really lucky to have more experience colleauges who helped me on the journey- I knew I could always fall back on them if I needed support or reassurance.

In High School I was torn between becoming a doctor and a business psychologist. People's motivations always intrigued me and eventually I decided to pursue this avenue and move abroad to complete my studies. Living abroad was a big part of this decision.

Looking back I think I would put a little less pressure on myself and work when I moved to London, and focus on getting to know the people and the city more. Perhaps an internship and less high pressure enviroment instead of banking.

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