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Julia Attias
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Post-Doctoral Research Associate Manchester Metropolitan University
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Nuffield Health 2007-2014

I did a number of different jobs for Nuffield Health, including fitness instructing and personal training in gyms, and then going on to health clinics where I conducting numerous health checks on our clients

Research associate at Kings College London 2012-2014

After my masters I worked voluntarily as a research assistant, where I researched how a skin-tight suit - designed to help protect the body in microgravity - might change our heart/lung responses during aerobic exercise

PhD candidate 2014-2018

Continuing research with the skin-tight suit to better understand how different systems react during a range of exercises whilst being exposed to additional elastic resistance (which the suit provides)

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Manchester Metropolitan University

Understanding how our muscle function changes during 60-days of bed rest (a simulation of spaceflight) and whether artificial gravity can help to minimise or stop any potential decline

My favourite job to date has to be my experience of a parabolic (or zero-g) flight. I got to experience 25 seconds of weightlessness, 30 times. Its an experience that was completely unique to me and something that will probably never be matched! We were also fortunate enough to have European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet on our research team, and working with him was great.

I am a post-doctoral researcher within the Musculoskeletal Science and Sports Medicine Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. My research focuses on understanding countermeasures to help physiological deconditioning resulting from microgravity, unloading and disuse. I am also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy due to my teaching experience. I am also very passionate about promoting STEM learning in under-represented groups and I often take part in public engagement activities including radio and TV and guest lectures across the country. I am also a qualified personal trainer. I recently worked for 2 weeks at the Daily Mirror Online as part of a media fellowship, better understanding the world of science communication from a commercial perspective.

English, Hebrew

Be passionate - even if its something only you care about.
Don't worry if you set your sights on something and it changes - I wanted to be a TV presenter and now I'm a scientist who's been on TV - things always come around full circle! And even if they don't, I'm a firm believer that there's a reason why and that it wasn't meant to be that way.
Be curious and care ab
Don't give up!

Research, data and analytics
My Education
BSc Sport and Exercise Science with Psychology
Canterbury Christ Church University
Kent, UK
MSc Space Physiology and Health
PhD Space Physiology and Health
Kings College London
Kings College London
London, UK
London, UK
Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Mathematics, Physical Education, PE, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, RE, Food technology, Hebrew
King Solomon High School

I loved PE - I always loved learning about the body and when I got to a-level stage and really started to understand the theory of how the body functioned through exercise I was even more fascinated. I always loved maths - from an early age I had always been very methodical and loved processes that had a categorical answer at the end. I realised with maths that as long as you knew the equation, you'd always get the right answer! I didn't really enjoy history or religious studies too much, and I am not sure why. They just didn't grip me like the other subjects did.

More about me

To be a researcher you have to be extremely curious. You have to be the kind of person that will stop at nothing to get the answer to something thats bugging you! Along with that therefore come traits of determination and perseverance. You should be passionate about whatever it is you do as this is one of the main motivators to get you out of bed in the morning! You also have to be the kind of person that is fanatical about attention to detail, so that you can spot errors in your work, especially when it comes to numerical data!

To be honest a lot of it was learning from people around me. I was fortunate enough to have good lecturers during both my degrees, whom I would always go to for advice. Even to the point where I would annoy people by asking them the same thing over and over if need be, so that I made sure I understood things. I also use YouTube a lot to try to grasp a concept that I am struggling with; sometimes I find visuals really help to get a point across, especially if I trying to learn a new theory or bodily process. Apart from that, I just try different things and see what works for me. Trial and error I suppose.

I wanted to be a TV presenter! I always very outgoing as a youngster and loved the idea of explaining things to other people.

I think i would try to get some engineering-based skills. Its really complimentary to a range of other research fields. I would also learn how to code! Its my biggest regret not learning it. Its so fundamental to so many jobs nowadays because everything is underwritten by intelligent software. I also think it teaches young children how to think with different parts of their brain. I think would equip you better to deal with other academic/work-based challenges in older life

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