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Karla Trainer
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2nd line IT Support/ Artwork Tech,Ravensworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Shift supervisor, 24Shopen, Athens

I used to run the shop floor, shifts, arrange orders and ensure that everything behind the counter was fully stocked. This included barista work, making sandwiches and baking

iOS Technical Advisor

Provided Tech Support to all iPhone, Ipad etc users.

This job provided very in-depth training on all Apple products which was amazing to learn about. The targets were very high but with hard work were reachable

Head Photographer

Lead Concert Photographer for one of Greece's leading Metal Online Mags. This job was amazing although totally unpaid. I was able to see so many free concerts and captured some amazing shots of bands. It was a long day including the editing process but it was an amazing feeling.

Technical Sales Advisor

Selling all products EE provide and providing technical/bill support to customers. I really enjoyed this role as I was able to learn so much about all types of devices by providing demos. The commission structure for selling was also really good. The store I worked in was quite small so the atmosphere was very relaxed.

IT Service Desk Technician

First line IT Support to all the societies staff. This job was a great start to being able to work in IT. I learnt a lot about internal ticket processes and servers ect

Gap - To have a baby

Maternity leave after having my little girl.

2nd line IT Support/ Artwork Tech,
Ravensworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

IT Support to colleagues, Tech support to clients and Artwork Support. This was my first role after returning from Maternity. I am able to learn so many things with regards to design, IT.

I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, lived here until my parents decided to leave everything behind and move to a tiny little island in Greece. If I’m honest it was my worst nightmare, I didn't speak the language and got sent to school where I couldn't really understand anything or anyone. As the time ticked by, and I learnt how to speak Greek so that part of my life was finally ok!! I was given a really old pc but a family friend and spent my time learning how a pc works, and learning what component was linked to what. The real reason I started taking computers apart was because my graphic system just wasn’t cut out for sims1 and I was so annoyed at it (this was a long long time ago). Because of this, I went out and purchased a new graphic and sound card and set out to teach myself how to replace it. At the time I was 11.Ever since then, I've always been the techy one of my friends, the one people ring up to ask for advice on how to download a game or how to fix issues

English, German, Spanish, Greek
Information technology IT / ICT
My Education
Computing and IT (Degree with Honours (BSc Hons))
Open university Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Graphic Design (Degree (without Honours))
Business Management (Degree with Honours)
Tech College of Syros
open u
Syros, Greece
More about me

I liked Computers and I liked Design but I had no idea I would be working in the position I'm in.

I would have possibly paid more attention to my private Architectural Design classes as I really enjoyed doing it.

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