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StudentUniversity of Sheffield
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Primarily, I am a student and I am fortunate to love learning!

Teaching Assistant

For my Year 10 work experience, I worked as a teaching assistant at a local primary school. This was the first time I took an authoritarian role encouraging children to fulfil their academic potential, as well as ensuring school is a fun environment.
This was an important experience for me to be in the adult working world for the first time. But it also helped me realise that I don't want to be a teacher...
I would really encourage taking as many opportunities as possible, not only to find what you want to do, but also what you don't want to do!

Assistant Gymnastics Coach

This is possibly the most abstract, but fun, job that I've ever had. While it was difficult to keep the young gymnasts entertained and safe (especially when they're cartwheeling into each other), it was a really rewarding and interesting experience.

Shop Assistant

For 2 years I worked at the checkouts of my local gardening centre every Saturday and Sunday. As uninteresting as this sounds I met some of my best friends, earned some money and managed to get a promotion to work in the offices - proving I am a dedicated and organised employee.

School Senate

I was lucky enough to be offered the role of the leader of the Environmental Forum and be part of our school Senate working as the main point of communication between students and staff. I was able to attend panel meetings, present important assemblies to the school and organise fundraisers (one of which raised over £3000).

Law Society Chairman

At my Sixth Form College, I was the chairman of a law society of around 200 people. I was responsible for organising events to encourage interest in the field of law; most interestingly for me being the talk with Cambridge Professor Catherine Barnard and organising a lunch to national law firm Mills & Reeves.

CMS Open Day

This year I had one of my first proper insights into the world of law - and I loved it! I got to see the everyday work of a lawyer, meet interesting people and get lots of tips and tricks on how to apply for a full time job. Real estate partner Sarah Meldrin even told us about the programmes set up there for Women in Business, allowing CMS to become a Top 50 Employer for Women, as voted by the Times.

University of Sheffield

I am currently a first year Law Student at this Russel Group University.

Law enforcement and security
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University of Sheffield
Hills Road Sixth Form College
English Literature, History, Law, Mathematics
Sawston Village College
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