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kristina smith
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Tax Compliance Team LeaderSpecsavers
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Apprentice hair stylist, Josef of Switzerland , Saint Peter Port

So I started off sweeping the floor, making tea and coffee and cleaning dirty pots and brushes...then I got to learn how to cut, colour & style hair using real-life models! Every day was different, different people, different jobs...some days were long and some flew by but every day gave me the job satisfaction that I craved.

Junior office administrator, Bank Julius Baer, Saint Peter Port

I started off wanting to learn about banking and working in an office, however, I found that my strength lay in talking to people so end up covering the reception desk i.e. answering the phone, welcoming guests and sorting through the post. Other jobs included ordering flowers for the reception area, arranging travel/taxis for company directors and ordering and sorting stationery for the office.

Receptionist, Guernsey Gas, Saint Peter Port

This job involved opening post, filtering calls to the correct department, dealing with visitors, sending out invoices and ordering stationery.

Career Break - to have a baby
Receptionist, Jacksons garage , Saint Peter Port

Filtering calls to the correct department, sorting post and welcoming visitors.

Financial planning administrator, Specsavers, Saint Peter Port

I had no prior experience and grew into the role. Part of the role was speaking to the store directors about whether the store could afford to buy new equipment or pay themselves a bonus or a pension, this could prove challenging when delivering a negative verdict! Using my maths, from school I learnt what I needed to provide a good service to the store directors. After 2 years I was promoted to a team supervisor. This meant reviewing the work of others, which gave me great satisfaction and signing off of finances for the stores.

Career break - To have a baby
Tax Compliance Team Leader

My role involves calculating and making payments to HMRC for each store as well as preparing a tax computation for submission to HMRC using the stores' annual financial statements. I support the team of administrators to prepare a provisional tax return. I have monthly meetings with each administrator where we discuss their ambitions and development opportunities. I assist the team manager in running the team on a daily basis. Tax Compliance covers Corporation tax and VAT, therefore my role also entails preparing VAT returns on a monthly basis for our holding companies and factories in UK and Ireland.

I am a busy working mum of 3;  2 moody boys and a beautiful little girl. 

I enjoy cycling and swimming and spending time with my family on long walks or at the park. You will however also often find me sitting on the sofa watching TV...I am a Soap addict!! 

English, French
Accounting, banking & finance

Everyone has to start somewhere but never lose sight of where you want to be.

I have learnt the hard way to pick my battles very wisely - everyone is different and their opinions matter.

My Education
Guernsey College of Further Education
Tolley, Manchester
Biology, Chemistry, English Language, French, Mathematics, Physics
Les Beaucamps High School, Castal

I loved school - learning is one of my favourite things to do, and spending times with friends.
The only thing i disliked about school was having to get up so early and smile when all i wanted to do is go back to bed!

More about me

Communication - Part of my job is to meet with store directors and explain our processes, or discuss sensitive matters over the phone. Also communication is key to forming those important relationships with colleagues, who may be able to help you out somewhere later on down the line. It is important that you are confident with talking to all types of different people, especially when working as part of a team.

Growing up i never had a mobile phone - If i wanted to talk to someone I had to call them using a landline (and awkwardly ask whoever answers to speak to them) or go to them. The best thing you can do to learn how to communicate well with people is to speak to them face to face, i'd chose this over e-mail any day!
Once in a job ask about courses, take every opportunity given to develop your inter personal skills and take advice from people - arrange a mentor, someone who can help you to be the best you can be...reach your full potential.

Hairdressing. My mum was a hairdresser and from an early age I knew i wanted to do the same.

I wouldn't do too much different actually, although i do wish i had better GCSEs and maybe would've stayed in education so that I could have gone into teaching.

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