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Niamh Mary Barker
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Founder , CEO The Travelwrap Company
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Clinical podiatrist


Provided hospital information to clinicians on drugs and medicines

Pharmacist (Pharma Industry)

Worked in medical affairs as an information pharmacist

Head of UK medial Affairs Pfizer OTC business

I was head of UK Medical Affairs for the Pharmaceutical Company, Pfizer - Over The Counter products (Calpol, Benylin etc)

Career break- & children

I got married and we had 2 little girls. I was also step mum to 4 children

Founder , CEO
The Travelwrap Company

I love being the CEO of The Travelwrap Company because I’m so deeply involved in something that is literally an extension of me. I love meeting talented and engaging people & being able to lead and learn from a team working together to help to build & grow the business I envisioned. As CEO I provide the overarching vision and leadership to grow and steer our company in the right direction & I my job is to get my team behind my vision and behind the business. There’s a lot of responsibility and it can feel overwhelming but it’s also an incredibly privileged position to be in . Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had.


Gain experience through an internship or job experience.
Talk to recent older students and graduates.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Don’t let anyone tell you what choice is best.
Think about what you don’t like: If you really dislike certain subjects in school, it could be a sign of what to avoid in terms of a profession
Acknowledge people that help.
Listen more than you speak.

My Education
BPharm (Pharmacy)
Bath University
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Rathmore Grammar School
Photo Of My Education

My favourite subject was English at school but I ended up doing 3 science A levels! I came from a family of medics/ scientists, there were 6 of us children and I always say when we were born we were expected to do something in medicine or science. All of us ended up doing a combination of science & Maths at A level. it certainly wasn’t where my strength lay academically but I think it is probably a testimony to my determination that I still managed to have a career in the Pharma industry and the experience and connections that got me there lead me to here! I don’t regret any of it!

More about me

I had aspirations to study medicine in my teen years. I went on to study Pharmacy which I decided was more accessible for me as I wasn't particularly academic and allowed me to work in a clinical setting without the same level of responsibility as a doctor!

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