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Niki Bagshawe
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Senior AssociateHoare Lea Consulting Engineers
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Design, mathematics, understand building physics, understanding how as humans we react to our environment, sustainability, communication and presentation skills, negotiation, team work
Senior Associate
Hoare Lea Consulting Engineers

My job I have right now - as a building services consultant - I get to help make buildings more sustainable, meet with people, and design some amazing buildings.

I care very much about the environment and inspiring the future of engineering. I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with French and have spent most of my career (15 years) in the construction industry. As humans we all search for shelter from the elements… and I love how my job allows me to turn what is essentially a building shell into an environment that people can live and work in, that goes beyond meeting our physiological needs and brings a building to life. I love most sports and getting out and about, but my favorite place is down the beach with my two young children.
English, French

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My Education
Masters In Engineering with French
Art, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French, Mathematics, Physics, Further and additional maths
talbot heath

Maths - I love how there is a definitive answer to a question - there are rarely any grey areas in maths
Art & DT - I loved expressing myself creatively
French - although I struggled with languages I am interesting in humanity and communication
English - this was never my strong subject and I still need some help sometimes!

More about me

Art and design, an understanding of maths and good presentation / communication skills.

I have been very lucky in that my employee has always provided me really interesting and detailed training opportunities, but these can easily pass you by if you don't make the effort to go and chase what you love.

When I was at school I really wanted to be a vet, I love animals and caring for them, but I quickly realized that my skill set lay in the physics and creative side of subjects so I studied mechanical engineering with french, not really sure where it would take me.

If I started out again, I would have more confidence in my abilities, and be proud of my creative abilities, rather than always trying to fit in.

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