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Ravindera lakhan
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Service Delivery ManagerBP
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Assistant Accountant, Axus Uk Ltd

I worked on reconciliations and month end support. This was My first job after university and gave me my first taste for working in a finance team. It was a junior position and got me involved in all aspects which was great, I also started studying for my CIMA exams part time.

Gap to have a baby

I had my son half way through my CIMA studies and it was tough juggling everything but I was determined to complete my qualification

Gap to have a baby

I enjoyed having 6 months maternity leave with my second son especially without the pressure of exams!

Financial and Management Accountant, Leaseplan UK

I worked on a wide variety of tasks such as reconciliations, month end close, consolidation and reporting as well as tax computations. I definitely preferred the management accounting side more than financial accounting. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on both.

Regional Accountant - Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, Orange Business Services

I really enjoyed this role and worked with a very diverse team, I had to get to know different cultures and adapt my style to meet the situation. This role got me away from the day to day tasks and got me more involved in a number of continuous improvement projects and gave me experience of managing remote teams rather than performing tasks myself. There was a reorganisation so I took this opportunity to talk to the Financial Systems team and get to know more about that area

Oracle Functional Consultant, Orange Business Services

A functional consultant needs to know their area very well, but more importantly they need to understand how the application is being used by the end user to be able to assist when there are issues, propose improvements to current processes and be able to translate requirements into specifications. Having experience as an end user really helped me as I understood what the users were looking for and the language that I needed to use to translate technical into business.

Application Manager, Orange Business Services

This role involved moving a lot of the functional support that had previously been provided by the Functional consultants to an offshore and outsourced model. I had to build and coach a team in India to do this, because I had worked as a Functional Consultant myself it was always very tempting to jump in and sort things out quickly but I had to hold back and allow the team to learn and grow in this space.

Application Manager - Finance and Tax, BP

I was responsible for the silent running of 90+ applications in the Finance and Tax portfolio, some of which are critical, requiring a high level of availability and integrity.

Service Delivery Manager

I work closely with my key users to ensure we can support the business to meet their outcomes and also to look at areas of delivery that can be improved

English, Hindi, Panjabi, Punjabi
My Education
Economics and Business Finance BDc Hons
Brunel University
London, United Kingdom
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
English Literature, Sociology, Economics
Ellen Wilkinson
More about me

I thought about going into teaching when I was at school but I was never really sure what I wanted to do.

I would have taken IT or computer science as GCSE options, I had never really considered a role in IT back then.

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